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"Great for creative children and parents who like to play :-) Beautiful experience!"
"Very nice exhibits, friendly staff, we had a great time!"
"The unbelievable world of LEGO bricks, beautiful models, fun for the small, bigger and big."
"A very nice exhibition, my son was especially excited about the trains. We will definitely come again!"
"Center, so easy to reach by public transport, a lot, but I mean A LOT of models, kids had a great time. We spent there about 90 minutes, but you can stay even longer."

What are we best at? We have more than

  • 6000 exhibits
  • 1000 m2 of the exhibition surface
  • 80 000 visitors a year
We are the biggest museum of this kind in the world.

How was the museum started?

The idea of starting a private museum was born in 2010. A private collector Miloš Křeček figured he had accumulated over 1000 original LEGO models. It became obvious he couldn´t keep them in his flat anymore. Also, it would be a shame to keep them for himself.

That is why he started to work on a project of how to make his huge collection accessible to public. At the end of 2010 he found and rented the right space, with 340 m2 big enough for his intentions.

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